Jerry Frost

Jerry Frost is a prolific painter who lives in San Francisco, California, with his partner Salvador. Jerry has shown his work in galleries and museums and coffee shops and all over the bay area where art communities thrive. His work is expressive, mostly abstract, and straight from the heart. He tackles difficult subject matters and his love of humanity always shines through. He works in oil on canvas and only uses putty knives as his brush. His Native American Shasta heritage, from his Grand Mother on his Mother's side of the family is an integral part of his unique imagery and symbolic iconography that transcends cultural boundaries. Jerry grew up in Kentucky in a large family. A student of the classic surrealists and abstract expressionists, Jerry's work is a unique combination of bold colors, and expressive energy. He tackles difficult social issues of colonialism, racial conflicts, war, apartheid, genocide, discrimination, gender identity, isolation, death and disease and brings us to a world of his own which is filled with light, humor and a very big heart. Jerry is a master of color and has his own visual language that is its own layer of abstraction and social commentary woven into the tapestry of joy, reverance, and mirth that you can experience in every one of his paintings.



2015 - Arttitud 1121 Howard Street San Francisco, Ca

2015 - Aspect Framing /Gallery 731 Polk Street San Frnacisco, Ca

2015 - James Snidle Fine Arts 1190 Bryant Street San Francisco, Ca.

2015 - Paws 3170 23rd Street San Francisco, Ca.

2011 - The Painting Center 547 West 27th Street New York City

2011 - Arttitude 111 Potrero, San Francisco

2011 - James Snidle Fine Arts, Chico,Ca.

2011 - Magnet 4122 18th Street, San Francisco

2010 - Market Street Gallery, San Francisco

2010 - Passion Cafe, San Francisco

2010 - James Snidle Fine Art, San Francisco

2010 - #1 Samsome St., San Francisco

2009 - De Young Museum, San Francisco

2009 - Saint Mary's Cathredral, San Francisco

2009 - Sweet Inspiration, San Francisco

2009 - Aspect Gallery, 731 Polk Street, San Francisco

2009 - Soma Furniture, San Francisco

2009 - It's All About Me Gallery, San Francisco

2008 - LGBT Center, Market Street, San Francisco

2008 - The Artist Alley, San Francisco

2008 - Chico City Hall, Chico CA

2006 - It's All About Me Gallery, San Francisco

2005 - New Conservatory Theater, San Francisco

2005 - James Snidle Fine Arts, Chico CA

2004 - Friday the 13th, San Francisco

2004 - Visual Aid, San Francisco

2004 - Catherian Clark Gallery, Visual Aid Exhibition, San Francisco

2001 - Everything Is Gallery, San Francisco

1992 - Cocktails Lounge, San Francisco


Masters Degree - Painting
May, 1981
Chico State University, California